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Established in 1991.  We are the oldest dental staffing agency in Ohio.

We have worked with more dentists than any other agency in NE Ohio

We place the RIGHT temp in your office when YOU need it!

Dental Hygienists, EFDAs, Expanded Function Dental Assistants, Dental Assistants, Front Office Personnel
Dental staffing temporary & permanent placement

Dentists Seeking Temps

You and your dental office are unique.  You have your own personality and way of doing things.  Our temps are professional and know their craft, but each has their own personality too.


Dental staffing temporary and permanent placement
Hygienists, EFDAs, Dental Assistants, Office Personnel

Temps Seeking Jobs

We are always looking for talented, experienced professionals.  If you are looking for your dream office or need a flexible schedule for the time being, we'll find a postion that is right for you at no cost to you.  >>>>

Dental staffing temporary and permanent placement
Ohio's oldest Dental Staffing company, 99.3% fulfillment rate

About DSS

We offer short and long term temporary placements of Dental Hygienists, EFDAs, Dental Assistants, and Front Office Personnel. We have worked with over 750 dental offices and employed over 1,600 people. >>>>