Sometimes the best permanent replacement starts with a temp.


Temp first, get to know your future employee before you commit to a long-term hire.


Why use us? 

In just one word…  efficiency.  


Consider this.  To run an ad in a local paper for a weekend will cost an average of $500. How long will it take to screen all the resumes?  How long will it take to interview the top 5 candidates? And then how confident are you that you've really hired the right person?  DSS does this for you and sends only the candidate that make sense for your particular situation.


We work with the local dental work force daily and know them well.  We have a database of hundreds of assistants, hygienists, EFDA’s and front office professionals.  We screen, interview, reference and license check each candidate.  We also perform background checks and drug screenings upon request for an additional fee.

Call us today. There's no obligation, you only pay us if we succeed!

We will send you our agreement which explains how we work together and a form where you outline in detail what you are looking for. Then we will get to work to save you time and money!