We place the RIGHT temp in your office when YOU need it!

According to our client feedback in 2017 we scored a 97% satisfaction rating

Dental staffing temporary and permanent placement


We hear it all the time...  


I wish I didn't need to use your services.


But I'm glad you're there!


It's already a stressful situation… and we never want someone to think it’s better to have no temp than to have the absolute wrong temp.


Our goal is to put the right temp in your office when you need it.


You and your dental office are unique, and have your own personality and ways of doing things.  We get to know you and learn what type of temp will fit into your environment.   All of our professionals know their craft well, but we find the best fit for you.


Temporary and Permanent services available.

DSS has worked with over 700 dentists and 1,600 temps since we started serving the greater Cleveland dental market in 1991

Our job fulfillment rate is 99% over 25 yrs

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