I wish I didn't need to use you, but I'm glad you're there!

Dental staffing temporary and permanent placement


We realize that you only need our service when you “really” need it.  But when you do need temp services, we are confident that DSS is your best source to fulfill that need.


Whatever the reason for your need, we can eliminate worries during employees’ vacations, illnesses, maternity or medical leave, and work overload – even on weekends. 


Build your practice without hiring more staff.  Some of our best clients have only one full-time hygienist and then utilize a pool of five temps from DSS for the busy times (e.g. when the kids are out of school – spring break, summer vacation, holidays, and end of the year).  Feel free to temp a variety of our staff and then lock them into your future schedule for peace of mind. 

Get setup today. There's no obligation, we'll be ready when you need us!

We'll send you an agreement which outlines our rates and how we will work together to save you time and stress!